Make Money Online with Snapmade
Artists, Graphic Designers & Photographers
As a Snapmade Designer, you can do what you love without any hassle of fulfilling orders or dealing with customer service. We do that part for you!
  • 1Upload and sell your artwork on hundreds of our products for FREE
  • 2We manufacture and ship your products with no hassle to you
  • 3Set your own design price
  • 4Reach more than 30 million shoppers worldwide
Sell Your Art Online with Snapmade
Calling all artists, graphic designers and photographers! Would you like to get paid simply for doing what you already love to do? Snapmade is a free marketplace that enables thousands of artists to sell their artwork to new audiences. Just upload your designs on any of our products and we do everything else from printing to shipping to handling customer service. Sell your artwork on hundreds of retail-quality products and set your own design price. It’s easy and FREE!
How our Designer Program Works
  • You upload your artwork and designs onto products
  • A customer likes your design and buys it.
  • We process transactions and handle all the customer service
  • We print and ship to customers
  • We send your commission to you
How Our Pricing System Works
  • 1 Designers can set the design price by themselves, but the design price should not be higher than the base price (original price).

    What’s the designers’ commission?
    The designers’ commission = design price

    For example, if the base price of a mousepad is $10, the designer can set the design price from 0 to $10, then the commission will be $0 to $10.
  • 2 We will send the commission to the designers via PayPal. So the designers should provide us with an active PayPal account which will be recorded into our designer’s background system. When the commission reaches up to the $100, the designers can request a withdrawal to their Own PayPal accounts 30 days after a successful delivery of the orders. But the designers should pay the service fee which is 6% of the withdrawal amount. For example, if the commission is $120, then the designer can get $120-$120*6%=$112.8 to their PayPal account.
How to Get Started. It's FREE!
  • 1

    Create a Snapmade Account

    Create an account on Setting up your very own FREE Snapmade store where you can showcase all of your designs is easy. Register now
  • 2

    Open a FREE Designer Store & pick your store name

    After you have created a Member account, you can create one or more stores by clicking "Create a store" under My Account.
  • 3

    Create a design

    Choose a product that you want to add a design to. Next, upload your images or create text using the design tool, then arrange and resize the different elements of your design as desired.
  • 4

    Post your design for sale

    Once you are satisfied with how your product looks, click "Add Products"
  • 5

    Start making money!

    Each time your design sells, you earn money. With Snapmade's "Set Your Design Price" program, you can specify how much you make on every sale of your products. No need to manage inventory or mess with customer service. Just create designs and we’ll do the rest!