1. "Irreplaceable Goodys!"

    Reviewed by Latanya Kovar 8/01/2016

    Product Quality: Excellent Recommended: Yes Shipped on time: Yes

    Print Quality: Excellent

    About the product:

    My hair is unpredictable. Sometimes I wake up with my hair looking really nice. I take a shower and come out of the bathroom with really smooth and shiny hair. Sometimes though it gets frizzy, maybe because of the weather or the way it was dried. Sometimes I iron or blow dry it but after lunch, it loses its volume and becomes really looking untamed. When that time of the day comes, I know it's time to tie my hair in a bun or a pony and these Goody elastics really make the task easy. I like that these elastics are very tight and heavy duty. A single piece can hold a bun pretty well and I have really thick hair. A piece can last me months. I see to it that I always have at least one in my purse.

    About the print:

    Printing is as clear as in this picture.